Please welcome *drumrolls* VALENTINO ROSSI!


So I came back home early today after spending a lotta time doing Foreign Direct Investment project for International Business class. I got home around 8pm which quite early if compare to my regular day. I got nothing to do so I chose to watch an Indonesia comedy tv show -YKS- on Trans Tv.

I chose to watch YKS because the casts are all hilarious and i love to laugh a, yeah. At first, I noticed some flags and banner of Valentino Rossi Official fans club in Indonesia -I'm a die hard fans of Vale so i'm one of the member. I saw there're a lot of Rossifumi (nick for Vale's fans), so there was a thought across in my mind.

I was like "haaa, if only YKS was able to have Valentino Rossi live on their show. They will totally get the highest rating in Indonesia....and we, Rossifumi, will be ecstatic"

The thought was just like that and I continued to watch the show and enjoyed the laugh. After the commercial break, they got a new segment and had Indonesian World Rally Championship (WRC) racer, Rifat Sungkar as the speaker. I was watching and texting with my boyfie so I didn't really pay attention. Until then, two of YKS casts said that they have another speaker. And when I turned my eyes on the TV, THERE CAME VALENTINO ROSSI!!!!!!!! *gasp*

I was really excited, and happy, and speechless. I literally jump to my bed and turn up the volume (I dunno why but I always turn the TV volume up whenever I see something exciting on TV). I was really surprised as well because i was kinda missed the news about him visiting Indonesia. 

I watched the show happily and excitedly without blinking *tongue out*. I was really, really happy to watch him live on TV. I watched him A LOT on tv during the race and other event, but having him in Indonesia is just different. I'm so happy that YKS could manage to have him there live on the show. It really made my day. I had a GREAT DAY! *dance*

Ti amo, Vale *smooch*
#Forza46 💙💛

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