Coldplay Live in Singapore: CALL IT MAGIC!


I was on my bed and scrolling down my facebook feed when I suddenly notice SGAGs post (pict below):


I, then, just texted my sister who happens to live in Singapore asking whether the rumour is true or not. And she had no idea.

Couple of days later my sist texted me saying that it is true that COLDPLAY is coming to Singapore and that Ill need Citibank credit card to buy the presale ticket. Hours after that I read the news that the ticket sold out in a good two hours.

I was like Okay, maybe I meant to watch their concert only once. Maybe X&Y world tour 2006 is enough, and  I tried not to think about it anymore even though I really cant help myself from thinking.

About 20 days after SGAGs post which around 25th November 2016, my sistas call woke me up like early in the morning, and I can hear excitement from her voice. She was like HEY, DO YOU STILL WANNA SEE COLDPLAY? MY FRIEND CAN HELP YOU IF YOU WANT TO! and I was just like LIKE ABSOLUTELY YEAH! Any category will do me, and she hung up the call after asking me to pray so that her friend can nail the ticketing traffic.

*two hours later*
I was on cloud nine!

I flew to Singapore just 2 days before the concert -29th March 2017. For the last 2 days I found myself hard to sleep due to the excitement. I really couldnt sleep like until 3 oclock in the morning just having a flashback to COLDPLAY’s X&Y world tour concert back in July 2006, and imagining what itd be like this time. I was so pumped about the concert that weekend.

D-DAY! 31ST MARCH 2017
The concert was at 8pm so I spent some hours sending my niece and nephew to school and shopping with my sista before off to the concert. I was super excited that I was smiling from ear to ear the whole day in the bus stop, on the bus, mrt, basically like everywhere. My sista was like "Hey you look way too happy as if you're about to get married ". Well, I was defo so happy cause I was about to watch my all time fave band for the second time —after their X&Y world tour in Singapore back in 2006.

The gate opened at 6pm but I off to the venue Kallang Indoor Stadium at 3pm. It was pouring rain but I couldnt care less. I arrived in Kallang MRT 15 mins later and head straight to the Stadium. The first place I wanted to find was the official merchandise booth, and found it right away ! It was drizzling and the line to the booth got no roof but again, I couldnt care less. I got myself a hoodie & tote bag *and just got bankrupt straight away. lol *

I was on my way to find the gate when I heard COLDPLAY doing the soundcheck. I got closer to one of the gate and can see Chris Martin! The excitement was palpable!! WHOOP! I finally got myself in the line the gate. The gate opened exactly 6pm *so punctual. Hands down*. It took less than 15 mins from the security check, ticket scanning, LED wristband and pin collecting until I finally found my seat.

The show started exactly at 8:00 pm with O Mio Babbino Caro by Maria Callas was played in the background. My level of happiness rose to ecstatic when COLDPLAYChris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion finally came out.  I cant help myself but jumping and dancing when they performing A Head Full of Dreams and followed with Yellow one of my all-time fave song. It was so, so beautiful. They continued the showed by performing Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, The Scientist, Birds, Paradise, Always in My Head, Magic, Everglow, Clocks, Midnight, Charlie Brown, Hymn for the Weekend, their biggest single of all time Fix You, covering David Bowies Heroes, Viva La Vida (click here for the short vid), Adventure of a Lifetime, Kaleidoscope, Dont Panic (with Will Champion as the lead vocal), 'Till Kingdom Come, Amazing Day (which really explain the day), Something Just Like This, A Sky Full of Stars and Up & Up as the closing to this amazing concert. I love it when Chris Martin thanked all of us for spending our money on the airplane tickets and everything in order to see them that night; and on all the merchandises. He did thank all of us for that.

-The Opening of the concert: AHFOD-

I cant tell which part is my fave cause everything was so, so exceptional and amazing. I didnt want to miss the show; I just wanted to witness and enjoy everything instead of taking selfie and updating on social media and everything. I did take several short videos which in total like 8 minutes out of 120mins of the show [and most of it was shaky]. Not a single selfie was taken. I just wanted to enjoy the moment. I literally sang every single song, like theres no tomorrow *lol*.  I danced the night away.
Every minute of the concert was so magical. Those euphoric moments when COLDPLAY first came, when the whole stadium (approximately 50,000 people) cheering, singing and dancing together; XYLOBAND (the super-cool LED wristband that synced to a radio transmitter, allowing them to be manipulated in time with the music, creating vast rivers of coloured light); the fireworks, stunning sound and lighting. Everything. Everything was really a one heck of experience.

Despite the fact that this was not my first time seeing COLDPLAY, I was in awe of it still. I really cant find the words to describe the feeling of being at the concert and getting to hear all of my favorite songs that has been inspiring me for years live, in a stadium filled with twinkling lights. I did feel emotional. Ah man! I certainly wouldnt think twice to see these guys in the future and cross off my bucket list for the third time!

I  W A S  ( A N D  S T I L L)   E C S T A T I C !

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