ASEAN Youth Camp 2015


(Business Math class situation)
Lecturer –which happen to be vice rector: 
    “Okay class, so you have an opportunity to be part of cultural exchange to Thailand for two weeks. All the costs with be covered by the organizer. All you have to pay is the airplane tickets. If any of you would like to apply for it, please submit your curriculum vitae and you’ll be informed for further requirements”
Me       :  “Can I apply for it?” (I mean I was just in the university for barely two weeks)
Lecturer:  “Sure you can”

Submitted curriculum vitae by Tue, 20th January 2015 and interviewed by Thu, 22nd January 2015.
Thursday night -22nd January 2015.
*received bbm message from the lecturer* : I heard your presentation was one of the best. I think they’ll announce the result in the next couple of day

Friday morning (Business Math class again) -23rd January 2015
Lecturer            : *come in the classroom, blablabla, write down some 
                           problems on the whiteboard*
Me                   : *doing the problems*
Lecturer            : *approached me, with a perfectly normal facial expression*
            Suzan, kamu lolos seleksi ya jadi tolong mulai dipikirin konsep bahan performance dan presentasi kamu ya [You passed the interview so please start thinking about the concept of your performance and presentation]
ME                   : *freeze for couple of seconds* HAH? LOLOS? SERIUSAN 
                           KO?  (ko as Koko / gege / brother)
                           PASSED? FOR REAL?
Lecturer            :  Iya. Itu udah ada di notice board.
                          Yes. Just check the notice board.
ME                      *screaming, smiling, jumping happily……virtually*

Brief explanation about ASEAN YOUTH CAMP:
So ASEAN Youth Camp is a camp held by Rajamangala University of Technology Ratanakosin (RMUTR) Thailand. RMUTR covers all the expenses during the camp, so all we need to cover is the airplane tickets and of course our personal spending (read: SHOPPING). The participants are from ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries. There were 80 participants from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Lao, Vietnam, China, Japan and South Korea for AYC 2015.
Fast forward to 26th March 2015
There were 4 representatives of Indonesia: Aditya, Stef, Theo and I. We went to Singapore first before heading to Thailand the next day. We had like half day so we went around the city with my sister and niece.

Day 1: 27th March 2015
clockwise: Indonesian team with lil Rebecca at Changi Singapore Airport - strolling around Orchard Road

clockwise: Changi Airport Singapore - The Royal Gems Hotel Thailand - hotel room

Day 2: 28th March 2015
The second day -or the first they I met the participants from other countries, we went to Rajamangala University of Technology -faculty of Art. We spent the afternoon by learning Thai painting and drawing, and also introducing our selves...along with out very own dance move. me myself was doing chicken dance. 

clockwise: my very own Thai bag drawing - introducing my self and doing my chicken dance step - Thai painting
Day 3: 29th March 2015
We visited several places such as Big Buddha temple, Ayothaya Floating Market and Wat Chai Watannaram. The third day was happen to be the day when I get to know with a friend -which later become more like sister- Jajah the Thai girl.

clockwise: Ayothaya Floating Market - with Thailand and Indonesian fellas - Wat Chai Watanarram

Wat Chai Watannaram
Day 4: 30th March 2015
We didn't stay in Bangkok, but for the 4th day we went to Bangkok for the whole day. We had like some kind of free time so that we can go in group which consist of foreign and Thai students. My group consist of 4 Indonesian students and 2 Thai students (Jajah and Samu). We went to several places such as MBS, Siam Paragon, Platinum and Pratunam. It was tiring but FUN! oh and thanks to Jajah and Samu for the treat! x
Bus situation when we're heading to BANGKOK for SHOPPING!

Day 5: 31st March 2015 
We went to Nakhon Pathom City Hall and meet the Governer along with the officials; We also check out from the first hotel (Royal Gems Hotel) and check in to the second hotel (Napalai Hotel) in Hua Hin.
Visiting Nakhom Pathon province and meeting the Governor and officials - Bus situation

Day 6: 1st April 2015
On the sixth day, we went to visit the King's Summer Palace: Mridayavan Palace. It was soooo cool that twas located by the beach. Too bad we weren't allowed to take picture of it.
clockwise: groupfie with Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian fellas at Mrigadayavan Palace - with my one and only Indo sist-in-crime: Theo - with Sam the funny Malaysian guy - Indo team at Napalai Hotel

Day 7: 2nd April 2015
2nd April happen to be the day we did the presentation. There were 6 countries in total and Indonesia was the first. So we opened the presentation by performing Pakarena Dance. We were presenting about the history, economy, security, socio-cultural, tourism and some kind of Indonesian language teaching.
p.s: we prepared the presentation and performance until 3am in the morning and we needed to be ready by 8am for the presentation. *lol* WE DID IT! 
Indonesian Team before performing and presenting -Aditya, Stef, Suzan and Theo

Performing Pakarena Dance (fan dance) from South Sulawesi as the opening
Presenting about Indonesia

Asking Thai fella, Nack, about Indonesian language

after the presentation; with Thai and Korean fellas
Day 8: 3rd April 2015
So Napalai Hotel was not so far from Hua Hin beach so me and some friends decided to wake up earlier and took bicycle to Hua Hin beach just before breakfast. I looooove the environment around Napalai Hotel in the morning. in the afternoon we went to another beach, Cha-Am beach. We checked out from the second hotel and moved to the third hotel which more like in suburban area: Petch Rin Tarn Resort. In the evening we had Songkrong Festival (Thailand New Year).....and it was soooooo FUN! water war!
clockwise: Cha-Am Beach, Songkran Festival, Cha-Am beach with the one and only: Jajah, Hua Hin Beach with Thai fellas

Day 9: 4th April 2015
It was yummy dummy day. Why? Cause it was ASEAN and Thai cook learning day. We had some chef taught us some Thai cooking and also we had our Malaysian fellas teaching us how to cook Malaysian food. Happy Tummy, Happy Day!
clockwise: testing Malaysia food with Ryan the speaker and Bee from Laos in the background *lol*, Phad Thai - Malaysian guys are cooking Nasi Lemak

 Day 10: 5th April 2015
Walk Rally!! My team was called HIP HIP, and consisted of Mui, Golf, Palmy and Muay (Thailand), Sun (Vietnam), Syah (Malaysia), Vicky & Ruthie (China) and I. We didn't make it as the winner but it was FUN INDEED.

Day 12: 7th April 2015
Farewell Party
It was the day everyone wanted to skip. Why? cause it was farewall day! Everyone was happy and sad at the same day. We happy as we gonna have this party, but we sad cause we knew that we had come to its end. SO...we were required to dress up in our traditional costume (I was wearing Timor not-so-traditional costume). There were so many emotional moments at the night such as when we came up to the stage and told what we felt during the camp :(. It was just emotional that one of my Indo friend decided not to finished the food cause he didn't feel like eating. The other emotional moment was when they played the video which sum up all of our activities during AYC 2015. :( :( The party went on: we took TONS of picts, we danced together and laughed together (but I bet that everyone took a deep breath cause we all knew that we'll say goodbye the next day -I even feel emotional as I'm typing now).

clockwise: Nack from Thailand, Esther from Korea, Bee from Laos, Tarn from Thailand

clockwise: with Japan and Thailand fellas - giving some souvenir from Indonesia - with my buddy: Snowy from Thailand.

Day 13: 8th April 2015
Our flight was around 8am so that we needed to be there at 6am hence we ready by 5am. At first I thought that there will be just some stuff saying goodbye to us before leaving to the airport. Surprisingly,I found some of these guys were already at the lobby waiting for us to say goodbye. As the result, we were hugging and saying goodbye to each other......and crying. Yeah, it had been wonderful 13 days that we became one big family rather than friends. ASEAN Youth Camp 2015 will never be forgotten.
with the staff, Pee Lex who sent us to the airport earrrly in the morning.


See if yourself, and correct me if you didn't think it was nothing but FUN!

So I flew home...sadly and happily. Sad cause I came the moment to say goodbye to them...but I was (and still) HAPPY cause now I have more than 80 new family member from all around 9 countries! It was not a Goodbye, it was a 'SEE YOU LATER'! 
Till we meet again, my dear AYC2015 Family!

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