Highlights of SZN's 2014


/ Internship /
21 February 2014 around 5pm. I received a text from Irfan saying that we are going to start the Internship next week which was just 3 days away. I was so happy and excited that I didn't know how to react. Why is that? Well If you happen to read my previous post, I was doing the internship at one of the best state-owned company in Indonesia, PT. Angkasa Pura I, Juanda International Airport Surabaya. If you think it was just another internship, then the answer is "no, it's not!". I've been praying especially with my mom that I could get the chance to do my internship, so it was the answer to our prayer! 

/ Thesis /
Thesis, uh? Doesn't it sound scary and complicated? lol. Well, it does. Even more complex, my thesis is in English. Informal English? Never been a problem to me! BUT, academic english is just a whole different story.  

Theory. All business student must've known that there are several marketing theories which famous amongst the others. As I found the problem occurred at the Company, I started to think about the theories I should use in my thesis. I didn't feel like using the famous marketing theories which have been using by many people for years. I prayed to God, ask for the best yet fresh theory I should use as the main theory: and...KABOOM! I got it! Where did i got it? It was from a marketing book I read years ago. 

Everything just popped up in the perfect time. I had my family with me during the times: I had my sist and bro help me to "scan" my english, I had a Professor which also my dad who helped me a lot in statistics, I have my mom and all my family who prayed and were there for me 24/7.

I had one pray among many others, which basically ask God so that I will do my thesis defence BEFORE my birthday. Again and again, I got my prayer answered! I did it just a week before my birthday.

/ Graduation /
Graduation rehearsal situation: 
*holding my seat number card, looking for my seat* 368, 369, 370, 371
Me: Excuse me, sir. I can't fing my seat. I think it suppose to be around here.
Committee: What is your seat number?
Me: It's 370A
Committee: *with a high volume* Oh! You graduate with honour! You aren't suppose to sit here. Your seat is next to the stage! Go to your left and find the Cum Laude row.
Minutes before graduation ceremony: 
Big bro: You are going to graduate with Cum Laude (graduate with honour) predicate, aren't you?
Me: hahaha who told you? No way.
Graduation ceremony:
It was done in alphabetical order for all the faculties. All graduates from the faculties had finished being called but me and the students in my row. Then suddenly:
"Suzan Caroline Benu, Graduate with Honour with the predicate of Cum Laude, with the GPA of 3.843"

I looked at my parents and smiled as I standing and walking to the stage. There were no other students who standing but me. I walked all the way to the stage, then went to the screen to pose for a pict in front of everyone else.
My dad smiled proudly and my mom got tears in her eyes. Yes, I didn't tell them until the very moment they called my name as the graduate with honour. I think I just made their day, or just simply put a good memory in their lives 

/ Friends /
Friend! I remember I wrote down my 2014 resolutions and one of em was having some really good friends. Surprisingly, I've got significant number of new friends around the globe, and even better I became really good friend with some of them. Alexey, Charly 'cutie pie', Özi, Trevor, Tom, Sébastien, Soichiro, Donald, Suta, Yona, Léo and list goes on and on. They came with all their uniqueness and different cultural background, yet we can have a good friendship. 

/ Singapore, December 2014 /
The month December and the country Singapore have a special place in my heart. 
December. In December alone, I've got the chance to meet some new friends and I met some of them accidentally. I got to met Martin from Ireland, Alfredo from Spain, Elie from France, Kelvin from Singapore, Cecilia from the UK and Nick from Canada.
Singapore. I've been visiting this counties for years, YET this time is just different. I met people accidentally in Singapore; I met local; I been to new places I never new places; I met someone for relatively short period of time yet leave a really good memories; Singapore is so different to me now. Singapore gets me smiling whenever I think of it <3

2014 has been a blessing year for me, with so many beautiful memories. I look forward for another wonderful years ahead especially 2015. Anyway, gotta go for new year eve dinner. HAVE A GREAT NYE. Stay safe.


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