(last minute) 2013 Kaleidoscope


2013 has been the most rock n roll year in my life. It all started when my mother diagnosed with cancer in January *BUMMER* My world was really falling apart -It's just something you least expected to hear from the doctor. My mom was doing both chemo and radiation to kill the cancer cell for months in Singapore. (And there, I visiting Singapore a lot). Everyday my sister & I accompanied my mom to do the radiation & once a week for the chemo. There, I observed & learned so many thing about life. And also how tough my mom was to fight for her life. And it was such a relieved that MY MOM IS CANCER-FREE by the august 2013 -no 2nd cycle of chemo needed *pheeew*. I witnessed myself that God is SOOOOO GREAT all the time, that we can't do anything to pay it back. 

But then my mom's cancer was not the only big thing happened in my life during 2013. There was this girl who "accidentally" checked on one of my social account and claimed that I offended her (and the whole family). From that day on, I  dealt with so many thing about her. Somehow she was soooo negative that I felt like i need to fight her back to prove my point. We did some kinda "twit war" a lot. Until then one day, I directly talked to her and made things clear. This might sounds such a no big deal for you, but I learned so many things from it.

I learned that it's not about how ppl disturb, mock, or whatever it is; it's about how we respond to those ppl. It's our attitude towards problems. You guys might have seen the quote about it many times, but trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds. However, I'm happy now that i can finally nailed it! I've won the battle with the negative stuff.

Beside all two probs i mentioned before, there were many things happened that really make me understand about many thing; that tested my patience and all that: being gossiped, getting for granted, fake friends, backstabber, struggle with Mandarin 😜. You might have read me been talking about problem, but somehow there is one BIG thing that i gained from these probs: BE PATIENT!

I've issue about patience -patient toward many things. I've been asking God so that i could me a bit more patient, but then that was all that i got: probs that really annoys me. Then i realized that that's the thing that I should experienced in order to become a more patient (and humble) person. Not just patient and humble, but at the top of all, to worship God for all that have done happening in my life especially 2013.

It's the last day of 2013, I've made myself some list of my 2014 resolution. I hope that in 2014, I could achieve more and more things in my life....not just for me, but to glorify my Almighty God: Jesus Christ! 

31st December 2013

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