I’ve known so many people in my life. Some of them are nice, some of them are mean, and the rest are just normal. I’ve known so many backstabbers, haters, hypocrites, liars, and whosoever they are. Some of them are my friends (well, fake friends), acquaintances, a-nobody, or even my relatives. *HAHA*
   When I was in high school, people started to give negative comments and spread the rumors about me in school. *sigh*. Some of them say that I was a la-di-da just because I walk really fast. *Errr REALLY?*. Some of them say that I was always showing off my dad’s money by wearing expensive stuff and whatsoever like that. They can even say that I’m accepted to Giovanni Catholic SHS because my dad has an in with his position atm (He is one of Giovanni graduates who have entered the record as a successful graduate in the present). They talked many things about me –which am not true at all. Some of them are used to be my friends. They became a backstabber. I tried to talk with my mom and dad at first because it made me uncomfortable at school. But then I realized I can’t lead by the nose the situation.
   Not only at school, even my RELATIVES said bad things about me. It’s just okay if your friends or a-nobody give any negatives comments about you. It becomes unbelievable when your relatives did it TOO. Some of them say that “That girl can’t do anything. She doesn’t have the makings of anything. All the she can do is only wasting the money.” or “Suzan doesn’t know anything about life because she was born in front of money”.  Once or twice is just normal: maybe they’re right that I should be a better person. When they keep gossiping many times over, then it made me wonder. I started to think the reasons why they can become that kind of person. And then I conclude it:  A person might hate me for 3 reasons: 1) they want to be me. 2) They hate themselves. 3) They see me as a threat.
   I was a serious person. I used to take everything seriously –which is frustrating. They took me down, and then I just realized that they’re no-one. I tried to become a cool person. I mean I shouldn’t listen, not even care about them. The more I feed the attention about it, the more they happy. Sometimes I found it fun when they judged me. I mean they can’t tell me who I am because unless I wrote down all my thoughts on a piece of paper and hand it to them, they don’t even know half of me. *hahaha*. I remember Henry Ford’s words: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it”. I took that as a chance to show them that they’re NOTHING. No matter how hard they tried to put me down, they will never make it comes true. EVER! It made me stronger even more. Yo Haters, you can say anything about me as you please but I am what I am and that’s someone you’ll NEVER be!
   If you guys have haters, fake friends, etc, just don’t let their words put you down. Like the wise man say “Knowing who you are and not caring too much of what people think about you is great way to succeed in life and accomplish your goals.” You shouldn’t care about them. They’re everywhere and will always be like that, but just remember: Every moment of pain, weakness, and discomfort puts you in a position to choose how you will react and how you will alleviate your condition
   If you guys are backstabbers, haters, hypocrites, or liars, I just wanna make you realize that there’re SO many things to do instead of hating others and spread the rumors about someone. Don’t make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone, because it will depreciates their reputation and yours. Please behave yourself. What’s so good about gossip? Nothing! I think one thing you guys should understand is that someone's success doesn’t take away from yours, and your success doesn’t take away from theirs. So just stop being jealous, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and Show some RESPECT. C’mon guys, life’s too short to spend hating others. Stop being haters and just SPREAD THE LOVE.

-Love fiercely, care deeply and smile brightly, because you never know who is in need or whose life you’ll save with one good deed. LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!-

Much LOVE, Suzan.

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