Bye teens, Hello twenties


  It was June 26th when my boyfriend, Marcus, told me that we’ll go to The Citilites for dinner on the next Sunday. I was so happy because of 2 reasons:  1st, I’ve never been there before but my friends say that The Citilites is a perfect place for dinner. 2nd, it was July 3rd (one day before my 20th birthday). “It’s gonna be a good day” was the only thing that crossed on my mind. I was so excited.
  I’ve prepared my clothes couple days before the day *it’s a must baby!*. I chose Zara’s red ethnic sleeveless turtleneck top, black silk pants, black tights, and Rubi's black flats... Well it was July 3rd in the morning and I was so excited *typically me*. I checked on my clothes again and then chose Dorothy Perkins's black chain purse plus Marks & Spencer’s red bangle to complete my outfits. *eyelashes*
  July 3rd, 06.00pm – it was so funny that I felt quite nervous for the dinner. He has  reserved the dinner for half past 7 and said that he’ll pick me up at half past 6… 10mins left and I still felt nervous –which is abnormal. *blushes*. Finally he just arrived at my house, I came out and the only thing that I remember is that he said “you look so beautiful tonight” –he smiled that I melted. *blaaaah*
  We arrived at half past 7 and just went straight to the 20th floor of Java Paragon Hotel. Dude, The Citilities was so fantastic. Perfect place for romantic candlelight dinner.  The wonderful view of the lights of Surabaya just made it perfect. Oh well, with some jazz music (one of the song is my favorite). *perfetto*. Our table was in the corner so it was just make the dinner perfect *again and again*. We had dinner and chatted about many things. and yeah, took some photograph. The meals were delicious as well. I think the price was just worth it.
  After had dinner and long chatted at The Citilites, he asked me to go Shangri La Hotel lobby longue –just across the street. The only problem was just I always freak out to cross the road. x_x He hold my hand and calmed me down.*so sweet*. And finally we did it –yeah, crossed the road. hahaha. We went straight to the lounge. We had some drinks, chatted, and joked. Anyway there was a man who played the piano next to us. He played all of my favorites songs. I dunno if that was just happened by accident, but whatsoever about the reason, all I can say is that I was happy. :) After finished our drinks, then he just took me home.
He really made my very-last day as a teenager. I was ECSTATIC. Grazie mille, l’amore.

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