noun: food; plural noun: foods
any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.

Two things about Suzan and Food:
1. She eats A LOT.
2. She eats slowly for she's taking her time to enjoy every meal that she has.

  For those who have met in person must be having pretty much the same comment:  this girl is skinny as hell. Tall and thin.Well yeah, I’m tall –compared to the average Indonesian girls –and slim (yeah, I prefer the term “Slim” instead of “skinny”). I love eating nonetheless, despite my physical look. I love eating…like A LOT. Literally. People are always got their eyes widen every time I told them how many times I eat in a day. And I bet you’ll be surprised as well.  I eat 3 times a day…..and many times in between. 

   Both my mom and dad are great cook. I love my mom’s entire cook. My dad got some specialty in cooking chilly crab, steamed fish, and any dished of pork –all cook with his very own recipe indeed *drool*. So both mom and dad’s cook are TOP of my fave food list. Any food they cook. Beside my parents’ cook, I also got some fave cuisines from several countries on my list.

   During my travel to several countries, I found myself fall in love with the cuisines. If I should rank, then Thai food will always on the top. Followed by Indian, British, Chinese, American, Mexican and so on. The pictures below are some of my fave food (main course) by far along with the details *click at the name of the restaurant to go to the official web of the Restaurant*:

1.    Mom’s cook -Spicy Daging Se'i with Petai.
Kupang style of smoke pork with Parkia speciosa. Spicy and Delicioso!

2.       Dad’s cook: Thai Style of Steamed Fish
Perfect to have it on a rainy day.

3.  THAI FOOD (clockwise): Tom Yum Seafood, Mango Chicken and Butter Calamari  (Ah Loy Thai, Singapore)
Never skipped these three menu every time I go to Ah Toy Thai. P.S: they serve the best Thai food in town.

4.    THAI FOOD: Tom Yum Fried Rice & Thai Ice Tea (Bangkok Jam, Singapore)
Bangkok Jam has the best Tom Yum Fried Rice

 5.      AMERICAN: Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter (The Manhattan Fish Market, Singapore)
Delicious! Just Delicious!

6.Mixed Grill – (360° Café - Macau Tower)

7 different kind of meats: chicken breast, sausages, lamb. Couldn't recall the 4 meats since I was there back in 2009.

7. AUSTRIAN: Black Forest Ham Savoury Crepe with Crème (Marché, Singapore)
The cream cheese is really creamy. I can't have enough of it!

8. NORTH-INDIAN: Cheese Naan and Butter Chicken (Copper Chimney, Singapore)
I like North-Indian food. Cheese Naan and Butter Chicken are just the perfect combo. I also like Chicken Tikka and Chicken Thandori. But still No No for Briyani Rice tho.

 9. SINGAPORE: QQ Special Noodle (QQ Noodle House, Singapore)
worth every penny.

10. SWEDISH: Köttbullar (IKEA, Singapore)
Meat balls, mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce

11. Hawaian Pizza (Universal Studio Singapore)
My fave kinda pizza: topped with ham, pineapple and cheese. yummy just yummy.

12. Burritos with grilled steak (Guzman y Gomez, Singapore)
Burritos with grilled steak in spicy Chipotle marinade with Pico de Gallo and Tomatillo Salsa

13. JAPANESE: O Cha Cha, Singapore
It's served cold and perfect for breakfast.

14. MALACCA: Chicken Rice Ball (Malacca)
Chicken Rice Ball is the superstar in Malacca. everyone will just try it once they arrived there. reaaally yummy

 15.  SINGAPORE: Chilli Crab (Pariss, Singapore)
Chilly Crab with buns. Yum!

16. Nasi Lemak with Beef
Nasi Lemak, beef, eggs, peanut and salted fish.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: my 3 most fave Indonesian cuisine

It's really tasty, a bit sweet and spicy. Unforgettable!

17. INDONESIAN: Gado-gado (Gado-Gado Jumbo Pak Tikno, Surabaya)
Indonesian Style of Salad, poured with peanut sauce and served with crackers.

18. INDONESIAN: Rawon (Rawon Pak Pangat, Surabaya)

 One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. -Luciano Pavarotti

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