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This short article titled 12 Lies We Tell Ourselves by A. Ellis is totally worth to be read. Take your time to read and really ponder about it. 

1. I must have the love and approval of others. I must avoid disapproval of all costs.

2. I must be perfect, a success in all that I do. I must not make any mistakes.

3. People must always do the right thing. When they do not, they must be punished.

4. Things must be the way that I want them to be - otherwise life will be intolerable.

5. My happiness / (unhappiness) is a caused by external events. I have no control over my happiness / (unhappiness)

6. I must worry about things that might be dangerous, unpleasant or frightening otherwise they might happen.

7. I will be happier if I can avoid life's difficulties, unpleasantness or responsibilities.

8. I am weak and need to depend on those who are stronger than I am.

9. Events in the past have strongly influenced me - and they must continue to do so.

10. I must be upset when others have problems. I must become sad when others are unhappy.

11. I should not have to feel discomfort or pain. I must avoid then at all costs.

12. There is one right and perfect solution to any problem (usually mine). It is a tragedy when it is not found.

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